Grant Requests

Grant requests are temporarily suspended until further notice.


  1. Opening Paragraph/Statement

    1. Who/what is the organization

    2. How much is your organization asking for in grant/sponsorship money?

    3. What will the money be used for?

    4. How should the Center contact your organization?  If the grant/sponsorship is approved, how should the Center pay out the grant fund?

  1. Is your organization a for-profit or non-profit organization?  Grants will be awarded with priority to non-profit organizations.  For non-profit organizations, please verify your non-profit status by providing a copy of your letter of determination from the IRS and/or the articles of incorporation with your state.  If you have intent to become a non-profit organization, please state so.

  1. What is the specific need for the grant/sponsorship?  Grants/sponsorships will not be funded if the money will be used towards any of the following:

    1. Capital campaign funds

    2. Funding for salaries

    3. General operating funds

    4. An individual’s project

    5. Travel expenses

    6. Debt relief

  1. Please provide an annual budget for your organization

  1. Are there other funders for your organization? Are there other sponsors that will be providing funds for this specific project?

  1. Will the Center be allowed to advertise in some fashion through the completion of your proposed project?

Please send requests to

Revised - 03/08/2017