An update about The Center - November 1, 2013
Dear Friends of the Gay & Lesbian Community Center of Greater, Inc.

Today, the Board takes a bold step for the future of our organization by becoming a "virtual" on-line Center, engaging in grant making to local GLBTQ groups, and shuttering its physical location in Northside.

We are a private foundation; our primary funding source remains the ever popular Pride Night at Kings Island . After the physical premises close on November 9, 2013, please continue to visit The Center for updates.  

Our first grant for 2014 was made to the Cincinnati Pride for $5,000.00. The Center makes this grant to double the amount of time (two months) and the double the number of street banners (32) in downtown Cincinnati  to promote Cincinnati Gay Pride.

We must evolve with the times.  It is our desire to continue supporting the local communities by returning even more value through this change.   

Here’s a recap of our vision:

We will continue:

Maintaining and enhancing our web site.

We will develop/announce:

  1. An application process and guidelines in the new year for your group/organization to apply for funding from the Gay & Lesbian Community Center of Greater Cincinnati.
  2. Determine a public location for our annual meeting.
  3. Develop the best way to enlist volunteers to continue to support our functions and develop new leadership.

We are changing to adapt to the current situation and make our practices consistent with the actual utilization of our resources all while returning more value to the communities that access us!


The Board of Directors 2013

Rusty Lockett, President; 

John Maddux, Vice-President; 

Ashley Brazil, Secretary; 

Hanna Smith, Treasurer; 

Michael Chanak, Member-at-Large

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