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1000 Attend Ohio Street Protest For Gay Marriage!

posted Nov 5, 2011, 11:53 AM by Michael Chanak

If you are a FB member you should be able to see pictures of today events!

Ohio Street Protest For Gay Marriage! 
Thousands expected to cover streets of Cincinnati in 8 Days! 
(Over 2049 Attending RSVP, Over 1874 Maybe Attending RSVP)

(Sending this out as a news tip or sending this out to our 1600 people for reminders!)

There will be a street protest held in "Support of Gay Marriage." 
On November 5th. 3 days before voting day in Cincinnati, OH.
It will be at Fountain Square in Cincinnati, OH.
You will want to make signs for the protest. 
For this too work we will need a large amount of Protesters!
We will be meeting there at 11:00am.

Equality Ohio:
Reformed Catholic Church:
NKU Equality Now!: