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Does the Bible "Clobber" Gay People?

posted Apr 7, 2011, 3:24 PM by Michael Chanak

Accounts of creation in Genesis, the Biblical story of Sodom and Gomorrah, the first chapter of Romans – what do these passages all have in common? One answer is that these Biblical passages (and others) have been used by some to “clobber” LGBTQ people.

If you’d like to learn about different scholarly interpretations of these passages plus explore passages about God’s unconditional love, then you might be interested in the 3-part workshop Homosexuality & the Bible on Saturday mornings April 2, April 9, and April 16.

The workshop will meet from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at the Campus Ministry Center, 16 S. Campus Avenue in Oxford. It is open to persons of any (or no) religious background.

Rev. Mike Underhill, formerly director of the LGBTQ Religious Studies Center at Chicago Theological Seminary in Chicago, will facilitate the workshop. Mike is currently pastor of Nexus Church of Hamilton, Ohio, and is a member of the Board of Directors of the Campus Ministry Center.

Contact: Rev. Mike Underhill 513-708-7803

Biblical topics covered include:

  1. Genesis 1: 7-day account of creation)

  2. Genesis 2: Adam & Eve account of creation

  3. Leviticus 18: “Abomination”

  4. Genesis 19: Story of Sodom

  5. Romans 1

  6. 1 Corinthians & 1 Timothy

  7. Isaiah’s and Jesus’ teachings about eunuchs

  8. Story of Ruth and Naomi

  9. Story of Jonathan and David

There is no charge for the workshop. It is open to students, staff, and faculty of Miami University as well as community residents of Oxford.

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