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Equality OH statement on Senate Bill 5

posted Mar 10, 2011, 1:57 PM by Michael Chanak

Statement on Senate Bill 5 

Equality Ohio has received many questions concerning Ohio Senate Bill 5.  SB 5 is a long and complicated bill, and the actual impact -- direct and indirect -- of SB5 on the LGBT community cannot be fully determined in advance.  However, it is clear that some language in SB5, disturbing as it may be on our community, will not change existing law and that other language will put in jeopardy domestic partner benefits obtained by public employees through collective bargaining.  Aside from these relatively straightforward statements, there is a lot of uncertainty.  More... 

CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVE TODAY  and tell them to protect domestic partner benefits obtained through collective bargaining. Find you legislator here.   

Call to Action Regarding Speaker Boehner Protest

Equality Ohio staff members and volunteers joined GetEqual and Impact Cincinnati yesterday to protest U.S. House Speaker John Boehner's decision to defend the discriminatory and unconstitutional "Defense of Marriage Act."  Protesters at Speaker Boehner's Ohio office urged him to focus on creating jobs, not wasting taxpayer dollars defending an unconstitutional law.  More...

CALL SPEAKER BOEHNER TODAY and let him know that Ohioans support marriage equality and oppose his decision to defend DOMA, and that you are offended by the arrest of peaceful protesters.  His West Chester office number is 513-779-5400, and his DC office number is 202-225-6205.