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Research Volunteers Wanted

posted Jul 14, 2011, 2:02 PM by Michael Chanak
I am contacting your organization because you were identified as an organization who provides services and support to Gay men and Lesbian women. I am completing a doctoral dissertation which investigates the social habits of Gay men and Lesbian women as they related to overall well-being. I am recruiting Gay men and Lesbian women who are over the age of 18 to complete this relatively brief survey. I am hoping you would be willing to forward this invitation onto any members of your organization who may be appropriate for this study. 

Thank You

Research Volunteers Wanted




This email is a request for participation in a dissertation examining social interactions of gay men and lesbian women. Participation will involve completing an online survey. All data will be anonymous and used solely for the purposes of a student dissertation project.


Your participation in this research can help inform and shape conceptions of gay and lesbian social functioning. These conceptions inform models of development and interventions aimed at helping the gay and lesbian population.


To participate please follow this link and complete the survey. To collect as much data as possible, it would be helpful to forward this email on to others in your community who might be willing to participate in the study or continue to forward the survey on to others.


Thank you,


Stephanie Towns