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stop) aids - Happy Holidays!

posted Dec 29, 2010, 10:27 AM by Michael Chanak

Dear Valued Supporters,

Happy holidays! STOP AIDS wishes you and yours a healthy and happy holiday season. You deserve it! We all do.

As the year closes, I’d like to thank all of our supporters and volunteers who have helped those desperately in need and saved lives!

Without each of your contributions we would not have been able to provide hope and answers for the young people waiting for an HIV test, full of fear that they might be HIV positive. Couples who have found that one of them is infected have received counseling and education. Our case managers have helped clients access medical care and life saving medications that not only allow them to manage their HIV infection, but also provide support for their emotional and physical needs – including food and housing.

Throughout this year there have been some real bright spots in working with people affected by HIV. One such situation occurred for me recently when I received a thank you card with a note inside for two staff members. It simply said, “Thank you. I could have never have done it without your support.” Enclosed was a check for $1,000. You see, this previously ill, unemployed HIV + client worked with his case manager diligently, following all the steps necessary to get as healthy as he could and get back to work. Against significant odds he was successful, and today is living out of state and once again working in a professional position in finance.

The clients of STOP AIDS have faced reductions from nearly all traditional sources of assistance for care and medication, and are facing of almost certain cuts to the remaining services in the year ahead.

If like me, you are feeling luckier than most this holiday season, please consider sharing your good fortune with the clients of STOP AIDS. Your gift can truly make a difference in the lives of those living with HIV or desperately trying to prevent becoming HIV positive.

Again, happy holidays. The clients, staff, board and volunteers of STOP AIDS wish you the very best in the coming year!

Yours in the fight against AIDS,

Amy McMahon