GLBT Social Group - Monthly Potluck

The first Thursday of each month is a potluck — please bring something to share, enough for 4/5 people.  If not, we'll ask kindly for a cash contribution to help cover our cost of ordering extra food as needed!  

John Maddux is the Center board member responsible for this event.  During summer months, please check Center's calendar.  The event is NOT held during June, July and August of the year.
HIV&STDs Informational session 
Quarterly - Always check calendar for schedule!

Quarterly the GLBT Center in conjunction CCHB - Central Community Health Board - hosts a HIV &STD informational seminar at the Center. Jerry Bedford presents the hour an half session. Please check our calendar!

Trans*101 Semi-annually 

 Always check calendar for schedule!

Twice a year the GLBT Center in cooperation with the Midwest Trans* & Queer Wellness Initiative (MTQWI) - present Trans*101. JAC Stringer, also know as Midwest GenderQueer, is the Director of the Midwest Trans* & Queer Initiative.

JAC educates us on gender, identities and sexuality. The workshop sorts out the mass of labels, terms and theories surrounding gender. We explore experiences and language of trans/gender non-conforming communities. We will ask why we think about gender, how culture and practices interact with and affect trans! people today and find commonalities that will help us build a more inclusive, just community.

GLBT Community - Funeral & Cemetery Planning

Semi-annually - Always check calendar for schedule!

Death to Disposition - Funeral & Cemetery Issue and how they affect the GLBT community - a Seminar. We might wish to ignore death, whether it is our own or someone we love, but sooner or later all of us face the end of life. If you have ever had to take responsibility for someone who has not made end of life decisions, you know that last minute arrangements can be stressful and costly, let alone coping with the very personal emotions regarding death. What happens if there isn't a will, or other legal issues?

Many in our GLBT community often can't rely on their biologic family for support or help. Also, without planning, even a partner or spouse of the deceased might not have the chance or ability to make the decisions their friend or partner might have wanted.

Michelle Haney, a Family Service Advisor with Spring Grove Cemetery and the Gwen Mooney Funeral Home will be presenting. Michelle will share her experience in advance planning and to answer general questions.

Should you have questions that are personal, or you'd like answered during the session, please contact Michelle Haney at her office: 513-853-6842 or her cell: 513-800-7622.

Free meeting space

The Gay & Lesbian Community Center of Greater Cincinnati offers its space on Hamilton Avenue for use by other community groups. The updated space is outfitted with four computer workstations, television and DVD player and comes complete with free broadband wireless internet service. It is configured to seat up to 12. Limited additional seating can be accommodated.

Guests are asked to email center president Rusty Lockett for bookings. Once booked, the center will make provisions to open the room and then lockup. For recurring meetings, groups may designate one of their own members to become a trained volunteer of the center. Their trained volunteer could then handle opening and closing for that group. A fun, easy, one evening session with volunteer coordinator Toby Martino is all that's required. 


When not booked for meetings, the Gay & Lesbian Community Center of Greater Cincinnati offers use of four computers to the public free of charge. Operating hours are Monday through Friday from 6–9 p.m. and on Saturdays from noon – 4 p.m., depending on availability of volunteer staff.

The center's computers are content filtered and use of the devices is subject to Center rules (below). Neither printers nor the capability of writing to CDs or DVDs is provided to users of the center computers.
Library .


The Center has a small collection of CDs and DVDs. Because of our limited storage, we are not accepting books, or archival materials. The Ohio Lesbian Archives may be interested in donations of gay/lesbian literature. Please write Ohio Lesbian Archives for information about donations. If you have questions, please drop us a line via our "contact us" page.

Pride Night

Please see the Pride Night page for information about the center's annual Pride event and fundraiser hosted by Kings Island to benefit your community Center. 

New Programs or Questions?

For questions about any program or to submit a proposal for a group or program at the Center, please write to:
Michael Chanak,
Dec 20, 2012, 7:07 AM
Michael Chanak,
Aug 31, 2012, 11:24 AM
Michael Chanak,
Aug 31, 2012, 11:24 AM
Michael Chanak,
Mar 6, 2013, 8:29 AM